liberal education Number 5

Atatürk Clever Answers !

1.At the invitation of a British Lord comes to İstanbul Atatürk. This is a toast to guests at the dinner given to service Turkish tray in hand, knocked over. Everyone stays in a big confusion and will react to what is expected, He returned to the British lord of Atatürk: – "Our nation only one servant of banging everything she can't.".

2. During the days of the occupation of Istanbul; at first occupied a part of commanders, including General Harrington Pera Palas sit in a corner of the Hall. Mustafa Kemal somehow attracts their attention. They asked me about who she is. Mustafa Kemal called. They invite to the table by sending him news. But Mustafa Kemal's answer and kind, It is certain that both: – We are the host of Here. They are a guest. They must come to the table.

3. One day the British Army Commander, Invited by Ataturk. Army Commander until the ship marmara sea comes with and dolmabahce Palace with the boat off the ship comes into. While plugged into the foot to land from the exact boat you put your hand to keep from falling in and. Eli tries to clean up dust and right hand by calling. Atatürk replies; Dear Commander, There's no need to clean your hand, Every inch of my country is clean soil.

4.Years later a painter, Mustafa Kemal presented a table showing the battle of Sakarya to. Itself,, in the foreground riding a beautiful horse seemed as pets. Painter, While waiting for the greeting, all of a sudden, Mustafa Kemal's "don't show anyone this table" stuck on. He didn't know what to say. Mustafa Kemal explained:
– "In the war that everyone knows, Our leather animals, It was a bone, We remain, as well as the increase of them and we have no. We all were in the skeleton. The horses, that's how strong fighters but you modified the value of Sakarya, man. "

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