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Encourage your children to protect against Subliminal messages

The human brain is known nowadays is becoming closer and the influence of advancing technology, thoughts
increases the efficiency of the power. Effect of the increase of the power of thoughts, sublime iminal we call method with a message
the target audience's perception of the person requested be delivered messages can be transmitted outside of the subconscious. The commercials, film and
This method is used frequently on tv, most of the children are not as advanced as the mental sense adults
He leaves under your domain.

How does subliminal messages?
People send messages about the subconscious auditory resources in digital audio files, Tv and film as soon as your eye can even subconscious in scrubby squares, ad placed on sign banners or similar words expressing that Yo, continues to transfer their views: In "conscious vision seconds 24 square can be monitored. If the number of frames per second 24 also not 25 is doing, cannot detect the last frame photo consciousness, This
The end 25. frames direct goes to the subconscious. TV is the last image per second in 2. Hidden advertising or messages, 25. using frames, Unfortunately, even today, is widely gizlenebilmekte. Unethical in this case, contacts without being aware of various consumption items, or deny the person's conscious eye to embark
may cause. Advertise a product with such sublime iminal method, talk to a faith or it is possible to make propaganda. Messages in a movie frame, array or the ad may be visual content; auditory sense sounds through song or advertising in can take place. "

Subliminal messages, creating greater dangers for children.
Adults can get easily under the influence of sublime iminal posts, mental and psychological development is not yet fully complete the kids more closely and this should be careful about Exp. Dr. Yoe, continues to share their views: "On TV, children's cartoons and entertainment programs shown in the brace the vast majority of it is imported from outside. Television channels, such programs without holding the publication subject to any inspection and sokmamalıdır. Even the makers of the famous cartoon at times sublime iminal due to subliminal messages, our children and our young people not yet immature or personality not seated in the brain, can exploit their own purposes. In this case, our children and can lead to corrupt our people. Considering that the brain development in children sublime iminal message will do how of destruction. "

What about, what you need to do?
While you listen to music tracks that adults and children or watching a movie, the unconscious mind takes the given messages without fail might record that says Yo, the opinions expressed in these words continues its commitment to: "Don't forget no Subconscious message. In many parts of the world in Turkey and subliminal advertising is prohibited
but all these ads, array of, movies and documentaries contains subliminal messages to check and to alert the community to the point of, There is a need for new hardware and software. In our country, a lot of TV and radio channels, due to the difficulty of controlling all of them an undeniable fact. For this reason, Visual or
the audiovisual media, the Act of an individual and still controls all kinds of young Gary sublime a humanitarian mission of protection from attack iminal as, at the same time it is a national duty. "

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