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Let's rejoice! Lazy people smarter

Florida Gulf Coast University's research, lazy people are actually higher than other people intelligence that shows.

Circulating on social networks for a long time, Bill Gates ' "I always hire lazy people for important tasks.
Because, lazy people to solve a difficult problem in the simplest way. "you may have the. Even if this very serious discussions to mention Gates ' is told in a way that heated a toss up
also located in the U.S. State of Florida Gulf Coast University's research, actually, Gates ' promise of scientific
confirmed as. According to a report in the independent Gulf Coast University to test the link between IQ and laziness performs experiments with high-IQ individuals harder than by squeezing a topic thread oğunlaştığını and therefore multiple tasks short It shows you don't want to fit into for a while. Individuals with low IQ is at that moment, every moment of their work to more upbeat, they have amazing uzaklaşabilme, more than one job, they become individuals who can switch between. The research team for a week to follow the lives of subjects, focusing on a topic are much less moving, seriously think about a more active individuals who have reported that the.

Laziness is not the right choice for your healthy lifestyle!

Gulf Coast, carrying out research at the University of Todd McElroy, less movement of people with high intelligence
the serious negative effects in terms of health, so smart people in an orderly manner
She said she had to move funds into your life. So much so that laziness, After a while, when the mental physical dimensions size even your topic be smart move condensation may stop you. That's why you're still Ataturk "a healthy mind in a healthy body." based on the promise plenty to think about, to focus on the, continue to develop something but not a regular mobility is missing from your life. 🙂

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