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The Human Body Like Mine

The human body is approximately 100 There are a trillion cells. Every minute of these 300 million dead. If they weren't constantly refreshed, all cells 330 He was going to die during the day.
Water, 69% of the body constitutes the flour. A normal person about 47 litres of water are. Recess, sweating and discharge every day with 2.4 liters of water will be lost. Water, most of the body tap %20 80% with ,brain tissue is 85% creates. If 73 all the water in your body a human being will be evicted kilograms were, that just leaves 29 kilogram would remain a body.
There is a lot of substance in the body outside of the water more, A normal body, a small porch will wash up to Hydrated lime 7 big enough to make oil SOAP mold, fill a medium-sized jar sugar 6 Salt Salt is enough to fill 9 a thousand will do much carbon pencil(13kg) 2 bin 2 a hundred matches enough phosphorus
25 enough to make an iron spoon nails millimeter sulphur 30 grams are found in other metals.
Forests in the summer heat 5-8 lowers the degree of, in winter 1-3 degrees. The fixed amount moisture. A hectare of spruce forest 32 ton, beech forest 68 ton,pine forest is 40 tons of powder that absorbs. Leafy tree in an area consisting 50 bird species.
A treeless area forests 8 fold produces more hummus. 25 m a Beech tree 1, 5 kg of oxygen
produces. 100 a 38-year-old beech hours 40 destroys a person's carbon dioxide released. 100 a 38-year-old beech years 30.000 liters of water and prevents erosion. 1981 bringing up his military management in forest work 1982-1990
is equal to the sum of studies conducted in. Per capita forest in Turkey 0.3 h. This number in the U.S.
1.3,In Canada 18 and the world average of 1.3 hectare.
Every day around the world 3 Live type. in 2000, the world has lived since its existence all plants 20 was deleted from the 1000.

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