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What is certain is that every parent wants her child to play chess and does its best for that chess has many sources related to this date there is out there that read one of these in the news.

Chess, point of view or an incredibly old or notable is new. Chess rules, 7. century to the present is surprising how very complicated and incontrovertible story. The ancestor of chess played in the game is named MS 600 Çaturanga. Historians of chess (more precisely, the çaturanga's) fleeing from the tyranny of religion Buddhist monks taken to China via retained. Chinese chess 8. by the end of the century and her Japanese version Şogi takibetmiştir. By turning the other direction, Chess 625 around the years reached the Persian country (Today's Iran). The Persians gave the name Çatrang this game. The Arabs suffered from chess 25 years later they were detained and are named Şatranc. The Umayyads, Spain 700 When they occupied in, and their chess
they have brought. A major turning point in the encounter with the Byzantine is Fed. For centuries a strategic game chess slowly. 1400PCs at the end of two long-range move (Elephant and Queen) with the invention of the game livened up. The game has become so excited with this stone and it spread to all of Europe from Spain after a while. Castling rule was adopted much slower. At first, Shah could move only one space at the most without exception. But in a dynamic way the game Elephant and Queen
Dachi turned out to need a little help after participation. In the Middle Ages was held in two moves a while rok movement. But now a move in the early 1600s rok movement became the rule. King and rook move exactly where to place the Castle however was determined in the 17th century and Italians to move their unique rok 1900 outputs have. The first official international chess tournament 1851 United Kingdom, In London
It was held. In the United Kingdom champion Howard Staunton must be valid for all Chess rules of engagement (ROK, en passant is a draw rules,play move rule, and so referred to touching) opened the debate on the necessity of adopting. However, this dream come true today, however, FIDE (Federation Internationale des Echecs) known under the name with the establishment of an International Chess Federation was possible. FIDE by, Internet Chess, computer, chess programs as they are in line with the new "chess Rules"
arrangements are still to be made.


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