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The thin shoots of trees, odunlaşma are made from the sap of plants was knitting and craft. The art of basketry begins with human history. The culture of societies is one of the artistic contribution. Five thousand years ago the ancient Egyptians in Africa today baskets are used in the construction of machinery and methods used.
Although a nice handicraft basketry, It also phases out the inner world of dealing in art enables. Basket weave of elegance, color, texture, pattern, It is possible to see it in such a way that. Basketry is a handicraft according each region has various shapes. Knitted basket which will be used for, braid determines the shape of the material to be used and. For example, grain or liquid will be placed in a basket on a highly frequent laying, the use of the materials is another in need. B the, cage, network, trap etc.. they will be perforated basket that will be used in place.
Today, there are many different baskets of knitting techniques. Of these, two are considered the Foundation of the whole basket of knitting techniques. First of all,; the curve of a single fibre is replanting on top of each other made roll. The second is the; cage or ready it is knitting. Basket weave formats sometimes metal sometimes with a hard material such as the porcelain tried mimicking. Sepetçilikte usually weed, bamboo, corn stalk, Sedge, straw stalk, Blackberries, raffia, Wattles, plant stems, scrub Scorpion, the chestnut, Hazelnut, Black maple tree etc.. used tree sprouts, such as. Today synthetically manufactured
nylon and are made from the fiber baskets. It's a very old knitting basket based on the root, the art of basketry; Nowadays the development of packaging technique has receded a bit. Since the launch of goods, Agriculture, Garden, bond and transportation of fishing products, and is taken to the market and would have always submitted to the basket.
Modern packaging industry has removed the sepetçiliği today. In contrast, fine basketry, developed especially for luxury basketry. Furniture business showed itself in the construction of chairs and seats. Not many as I used to be in our country basketry; Konya, Kastamonu, Kocaeli-Karamürsel, Rize, Edirne, BSNL continues still in existence today in the provinces. In various regions of Anatolia, especially the main sources of livelihood in the region of Thrace Çingenlerin living. According to various sized baskets to use them place, is made and used in an aggregated and anonymous form.

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