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1942 born in England in Hawking's life, cheerful and intelligent in his childhood and teenage years continued as normal with properties. 1965 She married girlfriend in, linguistics student Jane Wilde in a happy family life with his two sons and a daughter was born. But in those years, ALS (Amnyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) I mean "motor neuron" disease. This disease is life distressed, in a wheelchair was the beginning of the process. Although this disease, a happy family life continues.

Today 49 (65) years of age, Professor Hawking, Newton and Einstein is considered the largest after the physicist. Given the title of Lucasian Professor very talented physicists title, By the University of Cambridge, Then from Newton and Dirac are given to Hawking. The genius of our era, British physicist Stephen Hawking, full name or title and Prof.. Dr. Stephen William Hawking's must have heard. ALS disease by body %80 losing the nervous system, paralyzing the nerve cells, but a pretty healthy brain cells in the beginning of the world until Hawking's are just as amazing. We are also in this paper, we
the famous physicist have compiled a lot of unknown information about.

Hawking was not very good notes in school
Considered one of today's living genius, carrying out important work in the field of physics and astronomy, Stephen Hawking, It did not take very good notes in school life. At first, a mediocre student, Hawking, grows a bit average though never had a brilliant student

Never liked biology
Stephen Hawking loves math and math from an early age he wanted training on. But Hawking's father wants him to read his medicine was trying to manipulate biology. Stephen Hawking's blood is never hasn't warmed up to biology, even just a description of the Biology of Hawking recite is all about.

21 I was told that more than when I was in my opinion
Thanks to the Ice Bucket Challenge initiated a period flow ALS disease as we are all a little bit they have knowledge. Three more arguably, Sung and incurable ALS, one of the famous names and suffers a physicist Stephen Hawking. 21 old ALS care for only a few years to life Hawking caught the disease while Hawking ALS due to nervous system disease %80 Although paralyzed Hawking now 74 years old and
life continues.

He thinks the aliens have
The famous physicist Stephen Hawking's universe work on considering the opinion of people Hawking wonders of alien. Stephen Hawking 2008 in NASA's 50th anniversary event
in a statement, given the universe that we can't be alone in the universe and primitive alien life may be noted.

In order to have a long-lasting of the human race into space says go
65 What makes space travel at the age of Stephen Hawking, gravity by fly in the environment except in a wheelchair could stand in the air. Hawking his statements if there's going to be a long future of the human race, This is expressed in the space of the future.

Its main achievements;
One of the main success hawking, 1983It is not beyond the bounds of theory of the universe ' is the. Hawking and understanding the nature of the universe in order to shape and Hartle, by combining the concepts of quantum mechanics and general relativity is a contained the universe existence, Nevertheless, they showed that the boundaries. Throughout his career, Hawking long irrotational flow is incredibly impressive awards and insignia series has earned. The Royal Society was accepted as a Member,
He was awarded the Gold Medal of science, Albert Einstein Award and Hughes took the Medal of. Cambridge University took the title that "Lucasian Professor of Mathematics", This award is the second person before Sir İsaac
Newton was none other than. So despite still not get the Nobel Prize awards, surprising. Hawking biography one of the most unexpected feature is undoubtedly the children's author. 2007' the girl with Lucy "Concealed Key to the universe of" book "Georgo wrote. The second book in the series 2009 in "Georgo cosmic treasure hunt" was released with the name. Stephen Hawking the first book then again put forward theories on Cosmology, and pulled out a few more books containing his work. Books 40 reached millions of reader by translated.
Doctors only 2 year life he reap; but he rejected all such calculations of life challenged. He was the winning side of the bargain when he sits down with life. 20This emerging disease in age up to the age of many reputable award. 210 IQ is the smartest guy in the world with accepted.

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