Gourd handle patience is an art but also what you who have contributed to the legend, this art comes to give a little more.

On the motif of the calabash growing as articulated design, to handle, more fun and beautiful to happen. Products are completely handmade and becomes a real work of art. About to process a water kabağını 8-10 I have to spend an hour labor. For which stages passed, we look briefly; first of all, the external part of the gourd gets discharged inside after drying and cleaning. Dashed onto the pen models, rather than a phase is finished by adding glass beads. Pumpkin on the external influences which varnish or Shellac varnish to protect discarded doubles the life of the pumpkin. Then the electrical Assembly is done. According to the suspended Lampshade or pedestal lamps
can be designed as. The history of the art of decoupage; people in ancient times stone, marble and wood are various shapes and motifs onto the processing starts with. Oymacılıkla has been the first artifacts occur sculptures. Ancient Egypt and Greek civilization dating from the wood and stone carved sculptures and tombs are available. In the middle ages in particular tree cutters in the rich country further enhanced and will come to the fore. Scandinavia, United Kingdom and other European countries carved out of the tree remain from that time is in the works.
The art of carving in relief of Rome and the Church are taken from the flowers of nature motifs adorned with shapes that occur. In this case, avoid paganism and its made for fear of falling into and sculpture have been abandoned. The same in the seventh century, 12. ASRA continued until. The twelfth century into the Gothic style for embossing engraver, the statue has lead to enter into the Church again. Before the Central Asian Turks accept Islamiyah ti also did a lot of baking and carving in the form of a statue known image. These are the Orkhon has emerged during excavations in. When he accepted the Turks Islamiyah ti, give up the construction of the statues considered idols tezyini handcarved they went all out with. Decoupage In mosque, Saray, Madrasah vs. the exterior surfaces of buildings with door and window sealing showed itself in the form of. After that, we meet the art of carving and baking last Ottomans further developed. And nowadays the art of Gourd widely ongoing regional areas and especially seen common in our district. Low-relief technique: Desired and designed shapes and shapes on top of any item with a hard instrument Okla. High relief technique: Designed carving shapes, carved body is left on the. Stone carving in this way procedures etc.. one of the bodies as their faces
applies to the use. If the art of carving is used on each side of the bodies is making this sculpture engraved and is given the name. The same procedures apply to wood carving is going on. But wood engraving and applying different techniques called traversing. Network carving technique: As with the surrounding level designed motifs is carved. This technique is applied must not be too hard on the trees. Carved cross: Gasket is in style, gasket motifs with objects being created. Usually applied geometric shapes. Sulaymaniyah-he worked on Board Chair, Zağanos Pasha-he worked on the door wings made this technique. The art of decoupage, According to the pleasure of the Carver and manual skill gaining form. Very fine details requires a great deal of rigor with motifs.

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