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In the previous article we knew about technology companies topics 60 We've listed the item as. In fact, the list is a little longer, We in general we shorten. In this issue, we have information about you if so what purpose this information the technology giants and where they are going to write. For example, FACEBOOK's hold over people all over the world to meet with each other while trying to, When you do not sell anything, How can it be 1.2 may be a trillion-dollar company. So the server, hosting, your sharing your online storage, per minute 900.000 sharing how a field gets the best running costs so much and this company does not charge any fees from you?
The Other Hand GOOGLE; the most used search engine in the world and if Android, Samsung, LG, GM, If you are using the phone as, the world's largest GOOGLE mobile operating system, How can it be 1,3 trillion-dollar may have a fortune. Apple, iPhone, How can it be 752 a billion dollar budget, can have thousands of employee? Selling mobile phone and Laptop? Samsung 400 I wonder how many thousand with a billion-dollar budget is giving the employee job? In short, to build on the snow or budgets of brands here will not write. There's so much on the world company and most of them are located in the United States. The largest of these include Microsoft Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, There are hundreds of companies like instagram. So we don't know how much your attention attracted, but more than half of these companies are giving free services. Instagram pics serving any cost, Facebook phone operating system android why it's free.? Is there a free service.? You are buying the phone, but a completely free operating system within the instagramda's picture you share it free. In fact extend the subject can you cut down instead of why we tell them they're free. Let us know if we're living in the age of technology.

The world's largest Industry is the second largest industry in today's arms industry, but the pharmaceutical industry is the third largest industrial and information technology. Average gun industry each sene1, makes a terrible 9 quadrillion dollars trading. So how much is the average years, the pharmaceutical industry has the budget.? 775 Trillion dollars. We gave you the technology companies value immediately above. In addition to the ridiculous figure he figures the figures right.? Bill Gates (Microsoft), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook,Instagram,Whatsapp,Larry Page ABC (GOOGLE). In the meantime, we need to ask ourselves the question numbers are so high in a world where Turkey is or what he's doing.?

Unfortunately, information technology or technologies investment public lighting in the area of our country is far behind and has to come a long way. We told you in our previous post,about us companies did you know Yes, but knows what he's doing. Uses this information only to the point where he is as a person. Turkey as these companies know about us so only you or stop being a person related. In short, companies they know all the details of a country not you.

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